Pop UP! - Game HTML5 Customizable


This game can be customized without any programming knowledge. The fully functional package is downloaded.

Is to save the ball and avoid contact with the ground. It is totally addictive and casual.

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This game is configured from a simple administration panel, without the need to write code or program any of its components.

You can change:

  1.      The title of the game, in any language.
  2.      The logo or brand image that will appear in the main zone.
  3.      The amount of points to achieve the goal.
  4.      The message once the objective of points has been achieved.

You can embed in an APP in a simple way or add to any web page or online store as a direct link or iFrame.

This type of marketing strategy is called "Advergames" or advertising games. That help to create a good relationship between the user and the brand or business.

As the final message can be personalized with any text. It can be used to offer a discount coupon, a secret key, a special offer, or any other type of message.

Here is shown in this video how the administration and configuration of the game is managed.

This type of game is direct download. It includes the game itself in HTML5 and a simple control panel to configure it.

Also included is a file with instructions in Spanish and English, with all the details.

If you need any other type of customization or modification, do not hesitate to contact us and we will make a budget.

In order for the game and its administration panel to be online, a small hosting is necessary. If you do not have one, we also offer this type of service.