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Augmented Reality or AR (Augmented Reality) is a new technology that mixes real images with digital images, allowing the user to interact in a much more natural way.

In order to enjoy an augmented reality experience, you need an AR player (Augmented Reality) that is usually a mobile phone and an APP. And on the other hand the virtual content, which will be displayed on the images captured by the device.

This new augmented reality technology is often used in the form of a videogame, like Pokemon GO, but it can also be applied to education, health, safety, and also to business. Among our services, there is the creation of apps, web pages and online stores. Specifically, it is possible to create augmented reality experiences for businesses, businesses, companies, museums, schools, bars, restaurants, pizzerias, gyms, spas, fitness, veterinarians and any other type of business or trade that offers ways of contacting its customers. Since the way of interacting is much more natural for the user, the experience is richer and is valued in a positive way. For what is beginning to be used as a marketing strategy.

Among the capabilities offered by Augmented Reality technology is to interact with the user, showing images, 3D objects, sounds, buttons ... that the user can use to obtain information, buy a product or service, make a call or find a physical business through geolocation. Basically it is what can be done through a mobile application (APP) but in a much more pleasant and colorful.

If, in addition, the augmented reality experience is used to link to a progressive web application, the final result will be that the user will be able to go to that PWA (Progressive Web App) without needing to download or install a new APP, it will do it as if it were a Web page.

Here you can see a video that summarizes some of its features:

At present there are companies that are dedicated exclusively to create this type of augmented reality experiences.

From the Game 4 APP service they develop augmented reality experiences for a very modest price, starting from $ 39.

In our mobile APPS development service, we have used this technology on several occasions, especially to service physical stores.

In the future this technology will increasingly be used, since it includes several other technologies (apps + mobile + web) and improves user interaction. Undoubtedly the Augmented Reality (AR - Augmented Reality) is the future of Apps for businesses or businesses.