Terms and conditions of use of digital products

By acquiring a digital product from our "Digital Store" it is understood that you have read and understood our terms and conditions of digital products.

Consider that the acquisition of this digital product is for the personalization or complement of your final work, so you can not in any way register the original product as your own or redistribute it for sale.


Client: is any natural or legal person that requests our digital products through our digital store.

Digital store: is the web page or group of web pages that make up the visual exhibition space of our digital products and through which the purchase process is carried out.

Digital products: are those intangible graphic elements that can be used for web applications and / or where appropriate for physical impressions.

Original digital product: is the original graphic resource editable or not, offered by the digital store.

Personalized or modified digital product: it is the result of the alteration that the original digital product has suffered for the presentation or distribution of the client's final work.

Tools: are all graphic applications and text editors.


You can use the original digital product to customize or modify such editable files for your final works, for example, in the case of a Mock Up where you need to present your cover design of a disk, you can buy the graphic resource and customize it or modify it to present your project.

You can distribute or display the customized or modified digital product in digital media (websites, blogs, forums, social networks, etc.) or in print media.

You can use the customized or modified digital product for personal use, project presentation (s), display it in your portfolio or for a client's project, among other uses.

If the customized or modified digital product is delivered to a client (natural or legal person) it is necessary that you know our terms and conditions.

As the original digital product is a mass-selling piece, it can not be registered as own parts of the graphic elements.

It is not possible to register the original digital product as your own, the payment you make for the original digital product is to obtain the graphic resources that can be editable or not, which you can customize or use (combine) for your final projects, but In no case for your registration as owner of the original product, consider that this same product is purchased by other customers.

You can not redistribute the original digital product on websites, blogs, forums, social networks or other mass storage sites (Mega, Drive, MediaFire, HotFile, Google, Dropbox, etc.).


Before making the purchase it is important that you check the details that are attached in each original digital product.

We do not make refunds for not being able to edit the digital product either because you do not have the editing tools that are detailed in each product, or because you do not know how to use the editing tools.

We do not make refunds because you have not installed the recommended sources to use and that are detailed in each product.

We do not make refunds because you can not unzip the file (You need to install a program to unzip), normally all of our files use tablets in .rar or .zip


Once your payment is completed through paypal or card, the download link (s) should appear automatically, or through your email.

The download links have an expiration period of 15 minutes to 1 hour, so within that period you must download them or, if necessary, request the file by email, previously sending the payment receipt generated by PayPal, our time of The response may take 24 hours and up to 48 hours for the purchase information to be verified.

In the case of a Digital Service that requires a previous manual work. It will be delivered to you within the term indicated in the description of the service. Any delay in delivery due to a problem beyond our responsibility will not be grounds for requesting cancellation or refund of the amount paid or pending payment.


They can be granted to premium clients that already have other contracted services.

They can be granted through advertising campaigns for potential clients.

You must verify your expiration time after the effective time can not make valid these coupons.


Prices are subject to change without notice.
The prices shown do not include taxes, taxes are calculated when the purchase request is made.


In the case of requiring an invoice, send your complete information through the mail in case there is any missing information.

Invoices can take 24 hours, and up to 48 hours depending on the availability of the billing system.

Invoices are made for customers in Spain, communicate for invoices outside the country.

Shipping and returns

Digital Services

In this Online Store, we only sell digital downloads or personalized digital services. As a result of being a digital product and not a physical product, returns are not allowed either complete or partial.

Any payment will not be refunded. Since it can not be returned.